Sunday, July 11, 2010

How Hard is it for the Conservatives to win in 2010?

How hard is it for the Conservatives to win in 2010 if they just focus on the nanny state of Labor politics in practice.

Nearly everyone in the electoarte is exposed to the simplistic nanny nonsense in some way.
So it should not be hard - so why are the conservatives so weak in talking about government weakness? The reality is the conservatives have their blind spots too and that means they too don't know quite why things go wrong either - like why they never created smaller government when they talk about all the time ! !

It shouldn't be too hard for the conservatives, but the libs too have lost their way . The Libs haven't yet worked out that IT WAS their stupid simplistic idea idea of handing government business to business thats behind the biggest fiascos in goverenmet are now before us/ still to come.Sure Labor would be the worst managers of this idea but they didn't get the idea from their own history ( showing their own wet behind the ears vulnerability to "innoovators " in the ideas departments ).
There was a time when both parties believed in the team - now they have accountants and consultants to share their passions with over lunch . The silly dummies on both parties are singing from the same stupid and simplistic song sheet- business knows best
When it comes to planning the complex demands of the people , business doesn't know best - knows best how to complete a contract, not which contract when and where.
The drip feed of open contracts run by accountants on one end and people who don't know what they want on the other is what is Brumby's legacy; Fad driven -at best T
The libs have yet to realise, it seems, that you don't get smaller goverenment by handing over responsibility to business. You do infact get more PS's, and paid more , cause they are now manageing budgets they could only dream of managing in the decades before ( and lots more chairs for the empire group to grow into) . Not professional PServants but a blocking form of bureau full of number crunchers .( look how you pay them you parliamentry dummies!- its a wonder you have any competent people working for you when you pay the number crunchers a lot more than you pay professionals ! )
And should any business let the accountants run it? ( only govt can afford to do this and how long?). The answer is obviuos, The Mikey fiacso (this high tech non solution contrasted with the failure to invest in sustainable transport investment where the technology is not real new ....and therefore ignored ? ) would be only one of many that will be there for all to see one day .

For the sake of our children and really good jobs ( not the nit picking bookeeping bullsh and PC yes men that characterize the current bureaubrats) I mean there is probably is or was a government computer group ( maybe a few years ago now) - not accountants and CEO's who could have contracted a better ticketing system that the blokes who should be sacked over their high minded business focused approach.
The business led approach of Brumbies G will only run the country dry. ( you heard it first on Blogger)
What a disgrace that a plan for improving rail ( the most cost effective investment any Vic govt could make and our forefathers did ten time s better and more sustain-ably ) only comes when a crisis comes. they've sold the trains concentrated on fads in transport and their glory is in the number of buses ( least appropriate form of transport ) and a few token bikes they have managed to get running in the most public place they can find .


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