Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beware of false categories - left and right

Love or hate em stuff is still the plaything of the wannabes - such simple games amongst the educated or those in church suggests they are NOT thinking very deeply .

Industry is not a god to be hated or loved . Yet except for a few minpor exceptions like the ETS campaigns ads Like(targeting the evils of transport livestock and energy INDUSTRies) both labor and liberal in Australai love em.
This is not good for balance .
Like Emperors Julian's attempt to revive the stone gods of great things of the past - the imperfect vessels are doomed to be broken under the light of a greater and wider reality .
The problem seems to be that neither party seems to want to admit their simple and destined for failure faith connections here.

With believers in the god of "industry led everything" now leading both camps, any new assocaitions are likely to come acrooss as "very odd". You heard it first on blogger.


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