Thursday, November 22, 2007

They said not a word

No party more needs to take a lateral look at itself than the liberals; they are living in the past and failing to recognise the hypocrisy of talking small government while for 11 years they help create the huge bureautcratic burden across Australia that outstrips anything Australia has ever seen before.
Its the liberals lack of intellectual rigor that has driven this still monsterous paradox of policy and project madness that alienates public good driven professionals.
2007 will go down in Australia's history ( whoever wins the federal electionin 2 days)as a time when liberals risked their future on compromises they should never have made- On uneccsary compromises to their calling . On being diverted from the sound goal of good and efficient governance .

Howard should never have promised to play grandmother and father Christmas to the states and territories, but its a habit his govt can't see the cracks in . Cabinet should have been encouraging a stouter form of discipline than the states impose on themselves- intellectual rigor on sound public service expenditure .
While its not readily discuused even now , the libs had 11 years to prove their contention that they were about smaller government They have taken their heartland for granted and confused themselves about just HOW liberalism should work.

Never before have they thrown so much money at programs and projects that exist only on paper.And they are doing it right up until election eve.

The labour party too are unaware of the reaction they will get by setting their sights in policy on paper. The huge biased advertising budgets taken by the big boys is an obscenity in a country that still dares to call itself democratic .


Richard 3 thought his campaign was going down well. The speech from Buckingham was overwhelming, emotional and punchy .

Like dumb statues or breathing stones
They star'd at each other with deathly pale face

We expect more - we have heard nothing but a lot of very expensive noise from a battlefield between 2 rivals who treat us like spolit children ( esp libs ) and refuse to allow anyone to speak the truth and break the silence on the wasted words .

Lets hope the small voices, who don't get their paper and posturing paid for - get some sort of hearing -----post this election


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