Thursday, August 20, 2009

When to worry

Less so now there is BLOGGER !.
But no so those who don't BLOG.
Wannabes often go off half cocked. Feine and Mitchell may be going off in slightly different ways but half cocked would be right .
After a few years in office the wannabes confidants have cloned or cleared out the dissenting voices so that the court can just be full of jesters and religious types ( sure of themselves and their rightness)
Fortunately with blogging now, the Emperor doesn't need to rely totally on their advice and he can do what the floor of parliament tells him to do -for hs own and the people's security .

This week Brumby could easily be confused about what to do to prevent more loss of life in bushfires- he could think shelters: he could think single fire service .
He could also simply tell the truth and prove that the children are not in charge .
If he can't do that , he could at least recognise what sound firefighters know - that people who choose to be anywhere near bush on TFD are kidding themselves and implement/ legislate 6.2 (in a form that is not nearly as woosy as it is suggested by the lawyesr driving the ship).
He could also tell that army of nit picking bureaucarcies that have been blatantly belingeraant about every piece of branch managemnet for decades that ITS time for them to stopwoorying about a few trees near buildings and go find a decent job.

The safest place for any poly is with the facts . Stop ignoring them


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